"Why can't I just once find a convenient spot," Merion said to her self while circling the parking lot looking for an open spot!!! Two more times around and there it was, a BMW was pulling out of the spot closest to the bank's front door!!! "Finally, a little bit of luck," she said with a sigh, while gliding her Bonneville in the newly vacant stall!!! "Where's my check book," she said, while looking through her purse, "it's gotta be here someplace!!!" With her nose buried in her purse, she was taken completely by surprise when the car door was ripped open and a young black man forced her into the passenger seat and slid in beside her!!! "W-what are you doing," she sputtered, "get out of my car this instant!!!" It wasn't until a moment later that she saw it, a gleaming nickel plated thirty eight that he had pulled from his coat pocket!!! "Shut your fucking mouth, cunt," he snarled, "and you won't get hurt!!!" "I don't have much money," she said fearfully, "here, take it all, just leave me alone!!!" He knocked the purse out of her hand and replied, "Well you might not have much money now, but in about fifteen minutes you're gonna be loaded!!!

"I won't do it," she said defiantly, "you can't make me!!!" She never saw it coming until the back of his hand connected flush on her cheek, driving her head hard into the window next to her!!! Blood trickled from the corner of her mouth, but she was too shocked to do anything about it!!! "Now," he repeated, "you and I are gonna go into the bank and make a little withdrawal, about twenty thousand I'd figure, and if you don't do exactly as I say, you're gonna be the first one to get it," as he brandished the snub nose in her face!!! "O- okay," she said softly, "just don't hit me anymore, please!!!" "That's better," he replied smugly, "see how easy nice I can be when you do what I say," so here's the drill, you and I are going into the bank, I'll announce a hold up, you go around behind the teller line and enter the small vault, it should have at least twenty grand in there!!!" "Forget the small bills, only twenties and higher, put it all in this," he said, while tossing her a black gym bag, "and what ever you do, don't take any of the cash out of the teller drawers, it could trip and alarm or be bait money!!!" "After you have the all cash," he went on, "get your ass back around by me, and then it's out the door and back to your car for the getaway, I'll drive, got it!?!" She nodded her head, still unable to believe what was happening to her!!!

They pulled away just as calmly as you please, you'd never guess that they had just pulled a daylight robbery of the Pacific View Bank!!! "How much did we get," he asked anxiously, "count it for me!?!" Merion dumped the bag of money onto the floor and started adding them up as she piled the bundles back into the bag! "You've got twenty seven thousand dollars here," she said, with the emphasis on the word "you"!!!" "Hot damn," he exclaimed excitedly, let's go celebrate!!!" "Now wait a minute," she protested, "I helped you rob the place, I did my part, so let me go, okay, you can have the car!!!" "I've already got the car," her said evenly, "and as for you, we make a great team, there are at least a thousand banks in L.A., and this was just one!!!

"I'm paid up here for the week," he said, while they entered the dingy motel room, "maybe after the next couple of jobs we can get a nicer place!!!" She turned to face him and pleaded, "Let me go please, I don't want to be here!!! Again, out of nowhere, the back of his hand cracked across the side of her face and he spat, "I don't fucking want to here another thing about it, now shut the fuck up or I can really make you quiet!!!" The tears welled up in her eyes, from both the shot to the chops and the fear in her heart, she wasn't sure which was worse!!!

He lay down on the bed and spread the money all over the him and said, "There's plenty more where this came from, baby, now why don't you come over here and make me comfortable!?!" "I'd rather not," she replied, trying not to think about what he meant by "make me comfortable"!!! He menacingly pointed the gun at her and replied, "That wasn't a request, cunt, it was a fucking order, now get you ass over here and suck my fucking cock!!!" The total gravity of the situation was now just dawning on her, she was an accomplice in a back robbery, the plan was for her to help him rob many other banks, and now, she was going to have to service him sexually!!! Slowly she walked over to the bed and climbed on, waiting for him to make the first move! "Take it out, cunt," he spat, "and do a good job or else!!!" She unzipped his pants, stuck her hand inside, and pulled out the largest cock she had ever seen!!! It looked almost like a weapon, black and shiny, with a huge bulbous circumcised head!!! She just stared at it for several second, until finally she gingerly put her lips on it and gently began licking the velvety head!!! "Ohhhh," he sighed, "I always like seenin' while bitches suckin' on my meat, just shows me what fucking whores you all are!!!" She should have been repulsed, but far from it, her pussy was racing a million miles and hour, and as her mouth slid over the oversize head, her pussy drenched itself, and her clit began to throb uncontrollably!!!

"You suck pretty good, slut," he opined, "by the way, what's your fucking name, mines Darrien!?!" Reluctantly she pulled her mouth off of his pecker and replied, "I'm Merion!" "Darrien and Merion," he laughed, "just like Bonnie and Clyde, right, bitch!?!" This time she didn't answer, because her mouth was too busy trying to suck the cum out of this amazing organ!!! She was dying to have him blow it into her mouth, but he had other ideas and said, okay, bitch, strip and let me see what ya got hidin' for me under all them clothes!!!" At thirty two Merion had kept herself in good shape, and she hoped that Darrien would like her body!!! "Mmmmm, nice tits," he opined as she let her size 36C cup bra slide from her shoulders, "okay, now let's see your pussy!!!" She turned to face him, hoping to get the maximum effect as she slid her pink panties down over hips!!! "Whhhhoeeee," he chortled when her thick brown bush came into sight, "your pussy's about as bushy as a sista's!!!" She took that as praise, and climbed back on the bed and positioned her pussy over his thick erection!!! "That's a good little white slut," he groaned, as she slid the massive ebony wand into her cunt, while the first of many orgasms wracked her body in increasingly harsh tidal waves of intensity!!! "My, god," she moaned while settling her over stretched cunt lips on the brutally long and thick satisfier, "t-that's the most incredible thing I've ever felt, as she sat there, just grinding her cunt down hard, luxuriating in the sensation of being totally filled with this incredible piece of cock flesh!!!

For the next three days Merion and Darrien only left the motel room to buy Merion some fresh clothes, the rest of the time they stayed in bed fucking and sucking each other to hard powerful orgasms!!! It was exhilarating for Merion to have this black sex machine satisfying her every desire with both his mouth and his bionic pecker! Once when Darrien was on the phone talking to one of his home boys, she sat quietly between his legs and sucked his pecker until he filled her mouth with life giving cum!!! Her attachment to his pecker was palpable, as she either had to have her pussy, her mouth, or her hand around its hardness at all times!!! At night when they went to bed, she lay her head on his belly and used the black penis as her own personal pacifier, until falling asleep with it filling her mouth with cock head!!! Even when it was soft, she loved seeing it swing from side to side when he walked, slapping back and forth from thigh to thigh, like a huge black clapper in a bell!!!

When he said it was time for another stickup, this time she was ready, after all, it was his big cock doing all the talking!!!